How to Determine Home Values in Chicago

Ready to sell? Now the tough part, understanding how to determine home values in Chicago.  Sellers often get caught up in memories that were created and attach an emotional value to the home. It can make the determination of the value an extremely difficult process and also result in the home being priced far out … Continued

Is your home title ready to transfer?

Hi this is Sell Today Homebuyers. Did you know that title issues can derail the sale of your home? If you are planning to sell your home fast for cash or sell through a broker you certainly want to do everything possible to assure a trouble free sale of your home once you have a … Continued

Is a contractor stealing or overcharging you ?

Is a contractor stealing from you when you’re rehabbing your house to sell? When a contractor steals material. Who pays for this? Hi this is George Rodriguez with Sell Today Homebuyers. Well I hope you know the contractor should . Either by jail time or payment. Or both. But it’s not straightforward. So, this happened … Continued

5 Things Seniors Should Know About Downsizing Their Homes in Chicago

There are many advantages in owning smaller properties for senior homeowners. Many find much less space is desirable during their golden years. Cleaning and maintaining less home equates to less overall work and lowers expenses, some rather dramatically. The decision on how you sell your larger home needs to include all of the potential costs … Continued

What You Need to Know About Inheriting Real Estate in Chicago

Inheriting real estate is rarely as wonderful as it may appear in movies. The responsibilities that come along with this gift can be extremely overwhelming, especially if it is an older property in a state of disrepair. While your loved one or close friend may have had the best of intentions, often the property is … Continued