5 Upgrades to Make and 5 to Avoid When Selling Your House in Chicago

When getting ready to sell, you want to get the most in return for the money and time you invested into your home. In order to set you up to get the most return for your investment, here are 5 upgrades to make and 5 to avoid when selling your house in Chicago.

Do: Repaint

One of the simplest things you can do that will make selling your home that much easier, repainting the interior makes the entire living space feel that much brighter and new. 

Since you’re looking to sell the home, it’s highly advised to wash the walls prior to painting, and make sure to choose neutral colors to keep your potential buyer pool as large as possible.

Avoid: Kitchen Remodel

It can be tempting to fit your kitchen with all of the latest fancy appliances, but you could be shooting yourself in the foot while breaking the bank. 

Most buyers will be satisfied with a basic assortment of kitchen appliances, and then be able to make their own decisions on what and when to upgrade. Seemingly removing that option from their future is counterproductive to selling your house in Chicago.

Do: Minor Landscaping

Keep your lawn mowed and clean, refill planters with fresh mulch, and maybe plant a couple inexpensive annuals to keep things looking good as new. 

If you have a deck, repaint or restain it to cover all bases. Don’t let yourself go overboard with the gardening and the increased curb appeal will be your ace in the hole.

Avoid: Landscaping Overhaul

Letting the landscaping update get out of hand by constructing a new deck or patio isn’t going to pay off in the end. It might look pretty, but it won’t matter much to buyers.

Do: Inexpensive Flooring

Hardwood floors continue to be all the rage, and there are a wide assortment of easy-to-install kits on the market. 

Choosing a simple, classic design in a shade that complements the wall color is key. This means going neutral if you also repainted your walls, as suggested.

Avoid: Finishing the Basement

While you may have always harbored a goal to finish the basement and turn it into a family room or home gym, it’s too late for that. 

An unfinished basement still provides security during disasters and ample storage space. Don’t let that lingering voice in the back of your head tell you finishing the basement will magically sell the home.

Do: Bathroom Update

While we stand firmly against major room renovations, a quick bathroom update can give you the upper hand. 

Carefully clean out any tile grout lines, recaulk your shower or tub, and maybe even paint your cabinetry if there isn’t much to paint.

Avoid: Reconfiguring the Layout

Some home sellers think it’s a spectacular idea to knock out a wall or two to open up their floor plan, let more light in, or create a walk-in closet. 

It’s not worth the required investment and will only lead to more headaches once you see all of the details needing to be addressed.

Do: The Minor Details – Cabinet Pulls, Lighting Fixtures, & Light Switches

While often overlooked, replacing old cabinet hardware, dated light fixtures, or even stained light switches and covers can make a big difference. 

Taking an hour to set up some solar-powered outdoor lighting is always a good choice.

Avoid: Swimming Pool

Steer clear of any inclination to install a swimming pool. 

While some owners think they will bring a whole new level of buyer to their listing, it’s going to be nothing but a sunk cost. Instead, stick with the easier landscaping tips and you’ll be thankful you brushed off the idea of bothering with this money pit of an idea.

Expert Guidance on Upgrades When Selling Your House in Chicago

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