Sell Your House Fast For Cash in Chicago!

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How Do I Sell My Home In Chicago For Cash?

Let’s get you a fair cash offer, with zero headaches and certainty of closing on time. No more stressing and staying up at night wondering if you will sell your home and close.

Three Simple Steps To Get A Fast Cash Offer!

Follow our proven 3 step system that works and gets you a fair cash offer so you can move on with your life. It’s very easy to sell your home to us for cash. We promise there will be no hassles.

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We will call you to get more details on the home. Then we will get to work to making you an offer.

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If you like our offer. We will then schedule closing at a local title company on the date of your choice.

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5 star rating google sell today homebuyers

“I had inherited a house and didn’t have a clue on how I could sell it quick to pay off debt. Then I found George through a mailing.  I was skeptical at first then after meeting him at the home he seemed like a genuine guy while he explained how his company works.  His offer was fair, we closed in less than 2 weeks and just like he said we would. If I ever have another home to sell I’m calling him again.”

– James K. Aurora, IL

How Much Will I Get For My House For Cash?

People always ask us right away how much can they get for their home. We know we know! This is very important! You should get a fair price offer for your home. This is your money and you are entitled to every dollar possible. You see there is really no secret sauce here. We are very transparent with how we come up with a cash offer for you. Let us guide you. Here we go!

Our Cash Offer Is Based On Your Homes “After Repair Market Value”

You may be asking “what the heck is the after repair market value”? We simply look at the value of the home after it’s fixed up completely comparable to what is for sale in the neighborhood. The formula below helps us to determine a fair cash offer for your home.

Let’s quickly break this down.

The After Repair Value (ARV) This is the fair market value of your home after all repairs and renovations to bring the home par to what is selling in the same neighbor hood. With the help of our local realtor partners we come up with an estimate of value.

Cost of all repairs. We factor in the cost of rehabbing the property with quotes and help from our local contractors and vendors relationships we’ve built over the years.

Transaction costs. This can be a silent killer on the bottom line. We take into consideration the cost of doing the transaction which include realtor commissions, closing costs, city and local transfer stamps. We make sure to give ourselves some room for holding costs like property taxes, keeping the light on and paying the gas bill every month.

Minimum profit. We do have to make a minimum profit per transaction. Real estate is how we support our families and help pay our ongoing business expenses like keeping the office lights on.

Your Cash Offer. You get a 100% no obligation fair offer.

Want A Proven Formula For The Highest Possible Fair Cash Offer For Your Home?


This is simple math. We are back in school again. WOO HOO! So follow along! We start off with our ARV then we deduct all the repair costs then the transaction costs. We do have to make a profit and keep our office lights on. What we are left with after this formula is what we are willing to pay for your house or property!

We Provide The Highest Possible Fast Cash Offer!

The owner of this home called us after going months without being able to keep up the maintenance and property taxes owed. He had been thinking about listing with a realtor. We had a brief conversation over the phone and we ended up meeting at the home for about a 30 min consultation. We didn’t try to put any pressure to sign anything. We simply ended up gathering more info on the home and his current situation. Being that we are problem solvers we like to gather information to make an educated offer and not just some low ball offer over the phone. We later on submitted a fair cash offer for the home where the seller would net more than selling with an Agent. Which the homeowner accepted and we set a closing date for his choosing of 14 days from signing the paperwork. We closed at Chicago Title and he walked away with his check from closing.


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We Purchase Homes With Cash And Renovate Them!

Before and after kitchen case study

We are always looking to provide value. See this kitchen? Definitely needs some loving! It’s functional and working. Not pretty though and it’s not similar to other kitchens in the same neighborhood. So you don’t have to deal with the headache of dealing with contractors.

Questions You May Have When Selling Your Home For Cash!

“Who is Sell Today Homebuyers?”

We are a locally owned and professionally managed home buying company buying homes since 2008. We are real estate investors and we love to work in our communities revitalizing homes. Feel free to call us at 630-984-0000 if your question is not listed on here.

“What happens when I fill out your form?”

Someone will contact you directly to gather more information about your property so that we can make an educated offer that fits your bottom line.

“How fast do I get my cash?”

We work on your timeline. It’s all up to you. If you need some cash right away we can help.

“Should I just sell with a real estate agent instead of selling to a home buyer?”

Yes you should and we encourage you to. Only if you have the patience and timeline for buyers to walk through your home, make you an offer. If you are willing to go through buyer inspections and wait another 60 days for financing. Then yes this is a good option for you.

“Do I need to clean out the house before selling?”

You don’t have to clean at all. Take whatever you want and leave all your unwanted trash, furniture, clothing behind. We will take care of the rest for you. We just want to make this transaction as easy as possible for you.

“What will you do with the unwanted furniture and items?”

We sort out all usable furniture, clothing and electronics and often donate them to a local charities and people in need.

“I want a cash offer so what is the catch?”

There is no catch and no gimmicks. We are a legitimate, professional home buying company. We close using attorneys and at a local reputable title company.

“Will you buy my house that has mold and a leaky roof?”

We have seen it all in this business. We buy houses with mold and leaky roofs as well.

Want To Sell Your House In Chicago The Easy And Simple Way?

We Buy Houses From Chicago Home Sellers That Need To Sell Fast!

With a recent purchase of a home that needed work. The homeowner needed to move out of state for work so he reached out to us. This home was not the worst we’ve ever seen. But the house did need some loving.

You see in order for us to bring value to the home closer to the After Repair Value we needed to make some updates.

We’ve done this many times over and over. You could say we are becoming a master at our craft. 

The point is that we reverse engineer so we will give you the highest offer price possible. 

You Don’t Even Have To Clean.

Make it easy on yourself. Leave what ever you want behind. We will dispose of everything appropriately and donate useful items to local charities.

you don't have to clean

We have been in business since 2008 and we’ve been buying homes in almost every situation possible. We have the expertise and resources to buy your home and if we can’t help you at least we can guide you in the right direction. You can take control of your situation and be done with it. We will provide options so that you have comfort in what your next step is in getting out of the stressful situation you may be in.

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