Need To Sell An Inherited House In Chicago? 

Want to sell your home and discreetly? 

You have more options than selling your inherited home on the open market.

You do not have to wait until probate has completed to sell the property. You can sell now… outside of most of the court red tape and cash out the asset with very little trouble at all. You can sell an inherited house…Fast!

If your loved one held property in joint custody, meaning their spouse or another owner is on the property deed with them, you have control over selling the house immediately instead of waiting on going through probate.

Illinois law has a special term for what they call “small estates”. This dollar amount varies but to summarize if all the assets (excluding joint tenancy property, assets with a beneficiary, life insurance or transfer-on-death deeds) are under $100,000, they do not need to go through probate court. 

Don’t spend thousand of dollars selling an inherited house!

  • When you list with a real estate agent, they may recommend repairs and updates to try and sell the home at a higher price. 
  • Time is wasted waiting for buyers showings and open houses, waiting for  an offer, getting inspections and appraisals done to possibly close. 15% of all deals fall apart due to financing issues. 
  • You’ll be forced to clean personal items from the house for showings and open houses and constantly be leaving if someone wants to see your house. 


There is an easy, hassle-free way to sell an inherited house in Chicago for a fair, cash offer!

You will also be able to avoid repairs, expenses of a realtor, closing fees and the headache of selling your home.

To help you reduce your attorney’s fees, utilities, insurance, taxes, and mortgage payments on the property, at SellTodayHomeBuyers I pay all cash, buy as-is and close quickly.  

You can submit your property information below and take the time to learn more about our services, who we are, and find testimonials of previous sellers. We are a professionally managed company who has the history of helping more than 200 homeowners. We buy all types of properties, townhouses, condos and single-family homes in any condition. 

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