Am I better off staying in my house in Chicago?

Am I better off staying in my house in Chicago?
Hey, this is George. At Sell Today Homebuyers, we buy houses for cash in Chicago.

The other day I was at a cookout. A lot of people know me as a real estate investor and a real estate house buyer. I’m always getting asked for advice by my friends and family on real estate matters. I’ve helped a few of them as well with finding the best real estate solution for their particular situation. I take pride in helping others and people out with real estate.

A friend that I know for a long time came up to me and asked me at a barbecue, “Am I better off selling my house to a realtor or should I sell my house to a house buying company like yourself?” I said, “It all depends on your situation and also the condition of your house.”

So as we both enjoyed a delicious summertime, mojito, deeper into our conversation my friend confided with me that he had to sell his house in Chicago because he needed help paying for his children’s college education. You see, he had a senior in high school and also a sophomore in high school that would be going off to college in a few years. The college tuitions were going up and they were coming up soon, so his initial plan was to refinance the property, but because he had lost his previous job and was unemployed for about a year, he just recently started a new job and he also missed 10 mortgage payments.

The lender was calling him daily to have him pay the back mortgage payments. He didn’t have the money because he had to catch up with all his living expenses like food, gas, utilities. He had to keep the gas on, electric on for his family as well.

I’m sharing this with you about my friend. They had issues with his Chicago house. With his permission. Of course. I’m also not going to provide his name on this video, of course. He did, however, want me to share his story because he wants others to learn from this.

So the other option was to sell his house. One option he was really considering was to sell to a realtor, and the other option, wast to sell his house to a house buying company? He already knew that Sell Today Homebuyers could help him can help buy his property for cash. They also helped them explore his options. Sell Today Homebuyers buys houses in Chicago. We also buy with cash and no repairs needed.

My friend and I kept talking while we enjoy burgers and chips. He told me about, you know, that his roof was leaking, his gutters were falling off. Some of the windows had broken seals. The inside had not been updated since he bought the house over 15 years ago. He did have beautiful memories with the children growing up in the house and he was willing to sell for the right price.

He had enough money in his house that he can sell for cash and had enough to buy a two-bedroom condo in Chicago. You see, this was perfect because his kids were going to college and he didn’t need the extra space anymore. He didn’t need the big house anymore.

He decided to reach out to a real estate broker and get an idea what he would net for the house. He also asked for a cash offer for his house. He really wanted to explore the option of selling a house to a house buying company like Sell Today Homebuyers. We provided a cash offer by email, which included no repairs and we can be flexible with the closing date.

After he thought about it for a few days, we met up at a local Starbucks. He told me that he decided to sell his house for cash to us. He liked the fact that he didn’t have to do anything at all to the property and no repairs and we can close at his timeline. We normally can close within seven days if needed. For him, it turned out that he needed about a couple of months. That would be ideal. He didn’t want to be homeless in the meantime while he’s out shopping for a condo in the north side of Chicago.

Then when his offer was accepted for his condo, we then coordinated the closing to be on the same day. That’s what we call a double close, which was at a local Chicago Title office. We closed on his house that we were buying for cash in one room, then he walked across the hallway with his check in his hand to close on the purchase of his new condo. He told me that this was perfect and it was streamlined and ideal that it didn’t really impact family at all, which turned out to be the most important thing for him.

So you find yourself in this situation or any kind of situation where you don’t know what to do with your house, we at Sell Today Homebuyers can provide solutions for you and one of them is selling your house for cash. We provide real estate solutions for your house or condo in Chicago.

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