Are We Buy Houses Companies a ripoff?

Are We Buy Houses Companies a ripoff?
Are We Buy Houses Companies a ripoff? This is George, with Sell Today Homebuyers. We buy houses here locally in the Aurora, Illinois area. So, I’m out driving to go grab a gallon of milk the other day and I see a, We Buy Houses For Cash sign on almost every corner. So what’s the deal with these, We Buy Houses signs all over the place and why do they look so cheap and they’re just scribbled on. I’ll tell you that they could be an eyesore, but they serve a purpose. They’re a cheap way of advertising and to catch your eye. I’m not saying that people that put these up are scammers, but if you ever decide to call them, ask and request a proof of funds letter, you also want to make sure that they can close and on time when you sell your property for cash. You want to ask another important question, which is, which of these We Buy Houses companies are legitimate. You want to make sure that when you call one of these, We Buy Houses companies, that they can close on the purchase of your house.

If you want to sell your Aurora house fast, then calling a reputable professional house buyer like us, is a good idea. We work with people to get them a fast cash offer. Like for example, we work with a retired school teacher, Deborah. You see, she just wanted to sell her house in Aurora and be done with it. And she valued the convenience. I asked her how she found us. And she said, “I asked around for one of those, We Buy Houses For Cash companies around here and got referred to Sell Today Homebuyers, from one of her old friends.” So we also helped her friend a few years before and bought her condo. So Deborah wanted to move to Tennessee within a couple of months and she valued the convenience of closing on time.

She also had her reservations about listing her property with a realtor. She was hesitant with all kinds of strangers coming to view her house at all times of the day. Deborah valued the convenience, and we helped her close within her ideal timeframe. So, if you’re even asking yourself, I want to sell my house for cash in Aurora or any other area, it doesn’t hurt to give us a call. I promise there are no high pressure sales tactics. We just want to make sure you are happy and you’re getting a fast, fair cash offer. So next time you’re driving around and you notice a, We Buy Houses, yellow signs, and now they are also in different colors, like white as well. Make sure you know that you are working with a company that has proven testimonials and We Buy Houses companies that is legit.

It’s critical to know that the house buying company has been around for a while and that they plan to be as well. And they have the means to close on the sale of your property. Sell Today Homebuyers has been around for many years and we value our local community. We buy houses in Aurora, Illinois, and the surrounding area. We usually don’t put out bandit signs but we rely on other sorts of marketing, but we also are open to referrals from past house sellers, like Deborah. Give me a call anytime, and I’ll be more than happy to help you with the sale of your house.

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