Is a contractor stealing or overcharging you ?

Is a contractor stealing or overcharging you ?

Is a contractor stealing from you when you’re rehabbing your house to sell? When a contractor steals material. Who pays for this? Hi this is George Rodriguez with Sell Today Homebuyers. Well I hope you know the contractor should . Either by jail time or payment. Or both. But it’s not straightforward. So, this happened to me a while ago. I had a long business relationship with this contractor, and he was so sneaky about it. That I found out from one of his workers whom the contractor and him had a falling out.  So I had to ask myself the obvious question “What do I do when a contractor steals?” I was stunned and confronted him which he denied of course. Then after a thorough audit of receipts and crunching numbers I found out that he was stealing from me. I then decided to get legal counsel and hire an attorney. Which I asked the attorney “ Can a contractor be criminally charged?” The attorney gave me a long answer that I had to go thorough court to get evidence and that most of these cases end up settling.  Long story short I ended paying my attorney a few thousand dollars and we ended up settling. You would be surprised or maybe not so much. This happens all the time Contractors steal and sometimes unfortunately it’s part of doing business. Yes I’ve hired and fired a lot of contractors throughout the years. It’s hard to get a good honest contractor and once you do you want to take care of them. So if you’re thinking about renovating your home in Chicago or surrounding areas to get top dollar for your home. Make sure you get references and see the contractors work before hiring them as you don’t want to end up in the same situation. And as always if you don’t want to deal with the pain of renovating a home, dealing with contractors and then to sell just give me a call. We buy houses for cash in Chicago and you sell with no repairs. We buy houses in Chicago as-is, in any condition so you don’t have to deal with the repairs and headaches.

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