Is your home title ready to transfer?

Is your home title ready to transfer?

Hi this is Sell Today Homebuyers. Did you know that title issues can derail the sale of your home? If you are planning to sell your home fast for cash or sell through a broker you certainly want to do everything possible to assure a trouble free sale of your home once you have a willing buyer. Many sellers have discovered questions concerning their property’s title which can bring closing to a screeching halt. Although paying for a formal title search is often the buyer’s obligation, sellers can clear away most potential problems before they derail the sale. Some of the most common challenges in transferring title include, claims against the property by creditors like a mechanics lien. Another one is marital rights of a spouse who is not legally divorced. You can also have unpaid court cost, judgments, or fines. I have also seen incorrect information about the property’s owners. Undisclosed or missing heirs can happen in a probate who have a claim to the property. If you are thinking about selling your house to a professional home buyer like us at Sell Today Homebuyers in Chicago or want to sell retail give us a call. We offer guidance and help so together we can avoid these issues up front. Let’s avoid the headache in selling a home fast in Illinois. I’m here to help in any way and we also buy homes fast for cash.

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