What is the process of selling a house for cash ?

What is the process of selling a house for cash ?

Hey this is George with Sell Today Home Buyers. So, one of the things people often ask me what is the process of selling a house for cash? People often consider selling their house for cash as a priority because of the efficiency and how easy it could be. Of course, the other option is to sell to a retail buyer which often requires patience so the buyer can get their financing in order and inspections completed. It can take often take months. Then you have unknown issues come up with the inspection which will require you to repair or lower the sales price of your house. This might work with a house seller that has time to wait. If you have plans and just want to get it done, then working with a professional house buying company like Sell Today Homebuyers which is definitely the better option. So, what does the process of selling a house for cash look like? An all cash quick close with Sell Today Homebuyers would be at a local title company. The first step is having a brief conversation over the phone to see if we are a right fit. There is no obligation and there are no high-pressure sales scripts on the other line. If we find that there is a possibility of working together then we will schedule a time to meet at the property where we will do a quick walk through to see the condition of the house. You see the process of selling a house as-is can be easy. We often don’t require an inspection. we then write up a cash offer for you on the spot or email one to you later on the day. We find that most homeowners appreciate this streamlined process that we have. After we come to an agreement, we then schedule the closing as close as 10 days depending on how long we can get title work. We are legit and get all the closing documents prepared just like in an ordinary sale. The deed and closing documents are handled by professional attorneys, title agents and recorded in the local county recorder’s office.  You see the benefits of selling a house for cash can be enormous and make life a little easier. You the house seller don’t have to worry about inspections and mortgage contingencies because we don’t have any. It will be speedy, and you will be done with sale of your house in no time. You don’t have to do any repairs as well because we are buying as-is. Give us a call at Sell Today Homebuyers and we will guide you through selling your house for cash while making it easy and effortless in your behalf. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in different situations.

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